We are a unionized company.
Our tradesmen & tradeswomen belong to Local 675 & Local 1891.

“We are drywall experts with over 20 years in the Drywall Industry and backed by a crew of experts, our work can be found all over Southern Ontario.”

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Why Penco Drywall ?

Every job we do comes with the Penco Promise. The three pillars of our promise are the foundation for making sure we deliver exemplary service on site, on time and on budget.

The Penco Promise is the reason why we have such a high retention rate with our clients. Our no-nonsense, professional, and reliable approach to drywall installation along with our team of knowledgeable tradesmen and tradeswomen is the reason why our work can be seen all over the golden horseshoe.

Competitive Prices | Quality Workmanship | Quick Service

Our Story

Over twenty years ago, Jeff Pierce saw a need for insulation and drywall services around Southern Ontario that people could count on. Armed with over thirty years experience in the drywall industry himself, Jeff set out to create a company that reflected his career-long focus on exceeding the needs of his customers…

Penco is our go-to drywall contractor…the blending of quality, price and performance are the best we have found.


– Toronto Contractor

Penco is well qualified for doing work on-site. I was fortunate that Penco did the most important aspect of our work. Their expertise is visible by the incredible workmanship put into their final product.


– York Region Municipal Estamator

Penco is our preferred supplier for boarding and taping services. Great quality at fair prices.


– Custom Home Builder

Really easy to work with. Keep to schedule. Will work with project schedule. Good workmanship. Excellent service. Friendly workers.


– GTA New Home Builder

Including new builds of Infill Housing, Track Housing and Semi-Detached Houses all over the golden horseshoe.
Our scope of expertise includes high density housing builds including Stacked Townhouses & Traditional Townhouses.
Custom Work
We also specialize in custom work including Custom Homes as well as effortlessly tackling Large Renovations and Additions.
Thermal Batt Insulation. Vapour Barrier Insulation. Sound Insulation.Attic Blown Insulation.Basement Wrap Insulation.
Metal Framing
Bulkhead Framing.Drop Ceiling Framing.Interior Wall Framing.Fireplace Framing.
Resilient Channel.Fire Rated Assemblies.Fire Rated Prep Work Including Fire Taping.Drywall Returns.Drywall Reveals Trim Options.
Smooth Ceilings.Textured Ceilings.California Knock Down Ceilings.Level 5 Finishes.Fire Taping.Gas Proofing Garages.
All pricing includes a detailed checkout performed by one of our specially trained service technicians to fix nicks, imperfections, and settlement issues after the trim is installed, before the first coat of paint. Once our inspection is done, we stamp our work with Jeff’s seal of approval to show that the job is done to the highest industry standards.

Quality Workmanship Extends To Any Service Work That We Do

Quality Workmanship Extends To Any Service Work That We Do

When we make a connection with clients, we keep them. These connections are the foundation of our business. The Penco Promise guarantees Quick Service, Competitive Prices and Quality workmanship and this extends to any service work that we do.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce Penco Drywall’s Service Department is open and ready to serve the Greater Toronto Area and South-Central Ontario.

The wear and tear that homes experience is inevitable – cracks, leaks, holes, and scratches are signs that life happens and Penco’s crew of wall system experts can easily repair whatever life has thrown at your house.

Contact Us Today To Talk To An Expert, Get Your House Back In Working Order: (705) 330 1432 or (905) 799-1487

It’s how Jeff approached every job and how we intend to keep his legacy going. The Penco Promise guarantees:

Competitive Prices

By carefully selecting our suppliers, we are able to provide you with a balance between quality and price that gives you an exceptional finished product without breaking the bank.

Quality Workmanship

When it comes to our workmanship, many of our team members have been with Penco for over ten years. Our boardmen, insulators, tapers and servicemen have the experience and passion for what they do, ensuring top-notch workmanship and exceptional quality control.

Quick Service

Whether we’re providing quotes, starting jobs or finishing projects on time, we’ll be there to effectively communicate with you throughout the entire process making sure your unique needs are taken care of.

Contact us now for a free quote on your project